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The Room 18 Pan-European Design Competition has as its subject the designing of the interior of a typical bedroom in a Greek four-star urban hotel of a total area of 18 – 24m2, whose basic characteristics are determined by the specifications of GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organisation). Those taking part are called upon to present ways of creatively re-interpreting and transcending these specifications in a response to the likely wishes and expectations of the contemporary traveller. The aim of the competition is the creation of a pool of revitalising ideas on the architecture of hospitality. Architects, interior designers, decorators, stage-set designers, composers of art installations, and creative artists in any branch are entitled to take part, following registration.


The Room 18 Pan-European Design Competition attracted 262 submissions, by 580 contributors, from 17 countries. To view the results please click here.


Yannis Aesopos
architect, professor
Georgios Panetsos
architect, professor
Memos Filippidis
Yorgos Tzirtzilakis
architect, associate professor